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HF-TVD3-18: 3GHz 90dB Digital 8-Way Splitter

  • Model: HF-TVD3-18

Product Detail


  • Premium 3GHz 90dB Digital Ready Splitter
  • Broadband and CATV 5-3000MHz 75Ω Splitter
  • Suitable for Hybrid Distribution Networks, HDTV, Voice, Data, Modem and Digital Converter Applications
  • Gold-Plated Beryllium-Copper Two-Prong Contacts
  • Reduced Aperture Flat-Ended Ports
  • High-Performance Printed Board Circuitry
  • Tongue-and-Groove Housing
  • All Ports DC Power Capacitor-Blocked
  • Low Intermodulation Hum
  • Soldered-Back Cover 90dB min. EMI-RFI Shielding
  • 3/8˝ Precision Machined F-Port Threads
  • 1˝ centered F-ports accommodate security tools
  • Supplied with Protective F-Port Plastic Caps


  • 1 x F-Type female INPUT
  • 8 x F-Type female OUTPUT