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HF-S0411: RJ11/RJ12/RJ45 Telephone Network USB A B Cable Internet Wire Tester

  • Model: HF-S0411

Product Detail

The following are the correct choice for the connection of the various devices, the positive and the reverse lines. Which HUB on behalf of the hub, SWITCH on behalf of the switch, ROUTER on behalf of the router:
PC-PC: reverse line
PC-HUB: positive line
HUB-HUB ordinary mouth: reverse line
HUB-HUB level with port - level port: reverse line
HUB-HUB ordinary port - level port: positive line
HUB-SWITCH: reverse line
HUB (cascade) -SWITCH: positive line
SWITCH-SWITCH: reverse line
SWITCH-ROUTER: positive line
ROUTER-ROUTER: reverse line
100BaseT connection twisted pair to 100Mb / s EIA / TIA 568B as standard.

Operation methods:
1. Insert one end (RJ45 / USB) into the transmitter port (TX) and the other end into the RJ45/ USB port of the mobile terminal box or the receiving port (RX);
2. The LED on mobile terminal box and main body will show the the contact situation of the measured line at the same time;

Mobile Terminal Box Usage:
1. Insert one end of the test lead into the firing hole (TX) of the tester body and the other end into the connector of the receiving mobile terminal box. Turn on the power switch to AUTO mode (AUTO). If the test is on the panel or on the patch panel, use the auxiliary line to connect.
2. Open the power switch to "TEST" section, is a step by step test. LED lights will be in the side of the first line of the connection point, each press a test button, LED lights will be lit in the next connection point to be tested, followed by down, and again and again. Power switch to "AUTO" section is the automatic scanning mode, LED lights will automatically from the first point to the eighth point and the ground point,
3. From the LED light display, you can see whether the test results are correct, if the LED display is not correct, the test may be short circuit, open circuit, reverse, jump and so on.

Measurable wire include:
USB (A / A), USB (A / B), 10Base-T, 100Base / Tx, 1000Base / Tx, Base Tx, Token Ring, AT & T258A,
ELA / TIA, 568A / 568B, coaxial cable, BNC, RCA and RJ11 / RJ12 telephone crystal head cable.
If you want to test the wire from the patch panel to the wall panel for long distance test, you can use the mobile terminal box (Remote Ierminator);
If you want to test the cable / USB cable, you can plug the wire directly on the tester on the correct hole, you can correct and easy to test;
If you want to test RJ11 / RJ12 phone crystal head cable, you can attach a RJ11/12 adapter on the RJ45 female seat, so you can carry out convenient and correct test.
As for other non-dedicated test holes such as BNC, coaxial cable, RCA cable, you need to purchase another conversion line or converter head to facilitate the use.
1 x Telephone USB A B Cable Tester
1 x Remote unit
2x RJ11/12 Adapter

1 x User Manual